2011, What a Year

It's pretty crazy how incredibly awesome 2011 turned out to be.  Photography took me to Las Vegas, Asheville, Breckenridge, Memphis, New York, the Outer Banks, Chicago, Washington DC, Upstate NY, and all over Florida.  Next year, I am headed to Boston, France, Chicago, and Atlanta (and hopefully a few more!).  I love to travel for weddings and engagement sessions. I also had the opportunity to work with some amazing photographers whose work I have admired but only knew online.  I hope to do more of that in 2012.  Collaborating with other photographers always gives me so much creative inspiration.

I also bought a medium format film camera, attended the FIND workshop and started shooting film.  I later added an EOS 3 35 mm film camera and I recently bought a Zeiss Ikon.  I'm excited to shoot more film in 2012.  About 25% of the images below were shot on film.

I don't know how 2012 is going to beat 2011 but I'm ready.


A handful of images above were taken while second shooting for Jessica Lorren, Gabe Aceves, and Shipra Panosian.