Family & Children

Creating Evocative Family Photos

I recently added a question to my contact form asking you to choose three adjectives to describe the mood and feeling you want your wedding or photo session to evoke.  I did that because I want your photos to make you feel something, not just today, but 30 years from now, when you're showing them to your grandchildren.  If I've done my job as a documentary artist correctly, your grandchildren should be able to describe that mood even decades later. 

We all recognize that over time, photographs replace our actual memories, so it is incredibly important that those photographs honestly and authentically bring to life the story that we are telling together.  The story should reflect both the season of life you are in and the people that you are within that season, as individuals, as a couple or as a family unit.

I think I've successfully done that with this family session I photographed in Serenbe, Georgia last year.  What feeling do these photos evoke for you?  Film development and scanning by my friends at State Film Lab.

Creating meaningful family photos at Serenbe - photo by Kat Braman
Family Photos at Serenbe Farms in Georgia - photo by Kat Braman
Little boy in Hunter Boots in Serenbe, Georgia - photo by Kat Braman
Organic family session at Serenbe Farms, Georgia - photo by Kat Braman
Toddler in Hunter Boots - photo by Kat Braman
Family Photos should be real, fun and a bit silly - photo by Kat Braman
Authentic family photos at Serenbe Farms - photo by Kat Braman
Tips for creating authentic family photos - photo by Kat Braman
Family photos with fun and silliness - photo by K
Family photography - photo by Kat Braman
Serenbe Farms Family Photos - photo by Kat Braman

Adopting Twins

My favorite place to shoot anyone is in their home.  That especially goes for family photos.  There's nowhere you make more ordinary memories with your loved ones than in your own home; the little moments of chaos and love that so easily forgotten amongst the big ones.  These are the kind of photos I value most of my own family.

A surprise for daddy

I've photographed this sweet little family several times, including Rachel and Mike's wedding and I always leave them inspired to be a better wife, mother, person.   This "at home" session was a surprise for Father's Day and I loved documenting this casual morning at home.  I should also mention that Rachel is a great photographer and blogger, and you should definitely be following her blog, Chocolate Milk and Mustard Seeds.


One Ordinary Day with the Hobbies

“What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” Karl Lagerfeld I wish I was a writer so I could eloquently tell you just how much this session meant to me.  Spending the day with this precious family was such a blessing.  I've been wanting to offer all day family documentary sessions for a long time; nothing posed, nothing contrived, just real, messy, beautiful life.  The moments I crave to document of my own children are the most ordinary ones and it's incredibly rewarding to be able to do that for others.

If you're interested in having One Ordinary Day in your life documented, let's talk!