Colorado | where the heart is

A few weeks ago I traveled with both boys (by myself!) to Colorado to visit my parents and sister.  I finally got to meet my new niece Alyssa - she's just 10 days younger than Tylden - and I also attended a wedding as a guest.  (Congrats Kari & Jason!)  Best of all, I finally took some personal photos of my boys on their visit to Baba and Gdo's. IMG_6287-EditIMG_6391-EditIMG_6349-EditIMG_6692-Edit

My brother in law has the most amazing garden and Tookie loved it!IMG_6429-Edit_MG_6533-Edit-2_MG_6459-Edit_MG_6458-Edit_MG_6483-Edit-2_MG_6488-Edit-2_MG_6491-Edit_MG_6510-Edit_MG_6526-Edit_MG_6530-Edit_MG_6567-Edit_MG_6573-Edit_MG_6581-Edit_MG_6602-Edit

This is across the street (or dirt road) from my parent's house. _MG_6622-Edit_MG_6648-Edit_MG_6663-Edit_MG_6660-Edit_MG_6687-Edit_MG_6698-Edit-2_MG_6722-Edit-2_MG_6731-Edit_MG_6736-Edit_MG_6827-Edit_MG_6844-Edit_MG_6900-EditIMG_6722-EditIMG_6731-EditIMG_6721-Edit