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We spent 2 weeks visiting my parents in Breckenridge, Colorado last month.   The weather was way too nice!  :(  Too much sun and warmth and spring skiing.  I was hoping for some awesome powder days but all I got was one day of maybe 5 inches.  Of course it snowed several feet the day after we left.  Had a great time anytime and it was radtastic getting to ski with my family and friends in Breck.  I even got to see a couple of my former ski coaches, which was really cool.

We took a couple of runs on lower Peak 8 first.  We were on the first chair up, so the upper bowls weren't open yet and I thought it was the perfect time to play around with the fisheye.  This is my sis, BIL and my dad.

Peak 8, Breckenridge, Colorado

I took pictures on the lift of course :)Peak 8, Breckenridge

After a ride up the Imperial lift and a 15 minute hike, we were ready for some serious fun!  Breck putting in this lift is awesome.  Back in the day, this was an hour long hike.Breckenridge, Colorado

The view and the crew: Billy Grimes, Mike Niemi, Tereza (sis), Lubos (my dad), and Gary (BIL)Breckenridge, Colorado

Lake Chutes, Breckenridge

I thought this would show how steep the run is - they were holding the back of my jacket as I took this shot so I wouldn't fall forward - but you can't really tell.  I still dig the shot though.Skiing Breckenridge

And skiing Lake Chutes - radtastic!

Skiing Lake Chutes in Breckenridge

Skiing Lake Chutes in Breckenridge, ColoradoSkiing Lake Chutes in Breckenridge