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I'm terrible dancer.   I have no rhythm whatsoever.  In fact if you ever watch me dance, you'll wonder if I'm hearing the same music you are.  It's that bad.  One of the things I regret most about my own wedding is not being able to do more than just sway side to side during the first dance for fear of injuring my new husband.  I wish I had taken some dance lessons so I could at least do some basic steps without fear of a hospital visit.   So it's kind of funny how obsessed I am with watching dance.  I love Dancing with the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance and watch them religiously.  I'm also lucky to have Babette & Warren for friends.  They own the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Jupiter and Babette is also opening another one in Boynton Beach soon.  Her and Warren are absolutely amazing dancers.  They could be pros on Dancing with the Stars.  They are THAT good.

So if you're a terrible dancer like me and want to learn the basic steps or if you have mad rhythm and really want to do it up for that important First Dance, take some lessons!   Fred Astaire offers a wedding program where one of their amazing teachers will choreograph your First Dance and give you a basic introduction to all of the popular dance styles so you can dance the night away to all of the music mixed by your DJ or band.  Contact Fred Astaire Jupiter to schedule your wedding consultation.  And you never know, you might just run into Tony Dovolani or Maxim Chmerkovskiy.  They've been known to stop in an teach a lesson or two.

Below are a few shots I took during the last Fred Astaire Jupiter Showcase of two of their outstanding pro teachers, Gabriella and Thomas.

Ballroom Dancing at Fred Astaire

Ballroom Dancing at Fred AstaireBallroom Dancing at Fred Astaire