Siblings | Place of Hope and Heart Gallery

Being a photographer is a very rewarding job, but sometimes you get to be part of something truly special.  A few weeks ago I did a mini session with a completely charming brother and sister for the Heart Gallery.  The Heart Gallery is a traveling photographic and audio exhibit created to find forever families for children in foster care.  I am so thrilled to have been able to do this session and I hope to do many more in the future. These two kids were so much fun and made it way too easy on me.  And as you can tell in the photos, they love each other very much.  It would be such a blessing if they could find a family to adopt them both and if my photos help make that happen in even the tiniest way . . . . well I don't even have words to describe how that would make me feel.  Thank you Linda, Jane, Christine, Kelley and all of the other wonderful souls that work for the Heart Gallery and A Place of Hope.  Every child deserves a happy and loving home and you are all angels for working so tirelessly to make that happen.  I have never felt more blessed to be a photographer.