SoFly Photography Meetup | Palm Beach Photographer

I'm a member of this really cool group of female South Florida photographers called SoFly. We get together once a month to shoot and this past week was actually our first meetup! I created a slideshow of some of the images we createed. The show was created using David Jay’s ShowIt Web. Ladies, I had a blast and it was so interesting watching everyone’s different approach to posing and shooting. I learned so much from all of you and can’t wait to do it again. I gotta do better splitting my time between all the couples next time. Somehow I only ended up with a couple of shots of Rebekah & Mike, which I am really mad at myself about. All of your images are fabulous and I’m jealous I don’t have more shots of them for my portfolio. Also, I’m working on a line for a junkyard for a future meetup since I know we were all excited by that idea. I’ll keep you all posted on that. I also want to thank our models: Adam & Diana, DC & Vanessa and Rebekah & Mike. All of you looked great and were so comfortable in front of the camera, it made it almost effortless to get great shots of you. I want to offer each of you an 8×10 of your favorite shot of mine. SoFly ladies, feel free to comment if you would like to do the same.

And here's a selection of my shots a little larger _mg_1730-edit_mg_1742-dippy_mg_1780-edit_mg_1802-edit_mg_1824-edit_mg_1831-edit_mg_1842-edit_mg_1874-edit_mg_1948-edit_mg_1960-edit_mg_1972-edit_mg_1989-edit_mg_1996-edit