Summer in Wisconsin

Deciding to get out of the Florida heat this past summer, we rented a house in Northern Wisconsin.  If I'm honest, it wasn't everything I had expected.  Price County is beautiful, but most of the people are not very welcoming to outsiders.  If you've ever seen the movie Funny Farm with Chevy Chase, it was a lot like that. I promised myself that I would shoot all of my personal photos on film this summer and I kept to that promise.  The Hasselblad is certainly a challenge and so different from shooting 35 mm, film or digital.  The process really made me slow down and approach photography much differently.  It's always good to push yourself and do something completely out of your comfort zone.   I think the 35 mm format is much better suited to the way I shoot, but I do love the results I've gotten from the Hassy.

And since I've gotten some requests, I'm making some of my Hasselblad prints available for purchase.  I've also included some favorites from my time in Memphis and Mississippi and will be adding more to this gallery as time goes on.

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Outer Banks

I have to admit, sharing my adventures with film makes me really nervous.  It's a little bit like being naked in public.  Scary stuff for most of us.  But I'm diving right in.  There's just something about the look of film, the process of it, that makes my heart sing. Last month I visited Manteo (pronounced Manny-o) in the Outer Banks and second shot a wedding on just film. I can't share those images just yet, but I took a few snaps with the Hasselblad on my way out of town. I'll be making my Hassy shots available for purchase soon.

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SoFly Photography Meetup | Palm Beach Photographer

I'm a member of this really cool group of female South Florida photographers called SoFly. We get together once a month to shoot and this past week was actually our first meetup! I created a slideshow of some of the images we createed. The show was created using David Jay’s ShowIt Web. Ladies, I had a blast and it was so interesting watching everyone’s different approach to posing and shooting. I learned so much from all of you and can’t wait to do it again. I gotta do better splitting my time between all the couples next time. Somehow I only ended up with a couple of shots of Rebekah & Mike, which I am really mad at myself about. All of your images are fabulous and I’m jealous I don’t have more shots of them for my portfolio. Also, I’m working on a line for a junkyard for a future meetup since I know we were all excited by that idea. I’ll keep you all posted on that. I also want to thank our models: Adam & Diana, DC & Vanessa and Rebekah & Mike. All of you looked great and were so comfortable in front of the camera, it made it almost effortless to get great shots of you. I want to offer each of you an 8×10 of your favorite shot of mine. SoFly ladies, feel free to comment if you would like to do the same.

And here's a selection of my shots a little larger _mg_1730-edit_mg_1742-dippy_mg_1780-edit_mg_1802-edit_mg_1824-edit_mg_1831-edit_mg_1842-edit_mg_1874-edit_mg_1948-edit_mg_1960-edit_mg_1972-edit_mg_1989-edit_mg_1996-edit

Breakfast with Grandma & Grandpa

I'm currently in the middle of a 365 project with my son, which means I'm taking at least one photo a day of him for a whole year.   Some days I only take one shot, some days its several hundred.  But I'm trying to document the little moments, the real life stuff, rather than just the pretty portrait sessions (of course those will be there too!)  Doing a 365 is a lot fun, a lot work, but a good exercise as a photographer because it forces you to take photos in less than ideal lighting and locations. My parents are in town visiting from Colorado this week, so Tookie has had a lot of fun playing with them all day.  Thanks Grandma & Granpa for all the fun, the train, and the yummy sushi dinner last night!