Erica & Dan Engaged | South Florida Wedding Photographer

I met up with Erica, Dan, their cutie pie Maltese and Erica's aunt at the Juno Beach Pier on a cold South Florida day.  And by cold I mean about 70 degrees.  You gotta love winter in South Florida.  Although I have to admit I miss the snow and the real cold this time of year.  Christmas without snow is still so odd to me.   Erica and Dan totally rocked it in front of the camera, even though they insisted they weren't photogenic.   Umm, hello,  check out the hotness below!   I think my camera was in love with their love and the light; what a great afternoon.  And Erica's aunt was too cool helping out with their doggy and she had some great posing ideas too.  I may have to have her come along on all my sessions! Erica & Dan Juno Beach Engagement Photos

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Can you say favorite?Erica & Dan South Florida Engagement PhotographyErica & Dan South Florida Engagement Photos

Wasps, Peacocks & Gators, Oh My | South Florida Photographer

I got together with Kalia & Brendan for a couples session recently and it was awesome!  They are also photographers, which is always fun and I feel more comfortable experimenting.   Some of the experiments turned out and some didn't.  We played with some light painting techniques that didn't go exactly like I expected.   I may post one or two separately later.  For now, checkout the fun we had!

First we tried to go canoeing.


Then we tried to take some photos ;)


This shot is something I've seen several other people do (of course now that I was looking for the links I can't find them) and wanted to try it for myself.  Seemed fitting for them._mg_6127-edit

Did a little (or a lott-a) laughing


Then we fought off a wasp on this old school bus.  And by we, I mean I ran off the bus in fear while Brendon smashed it with his bare hand . . . 3 times!  The third time it finally died.  The first two, it was just really pissed off.



A little school bus flashback ;)_mg_6206-edit_mg_6218-edit_mg_6230-edit

Kal tried to pose with a peacock, but he wasn't too cooperative.


Then we hung out in a really cool, but gator infested field.  I could hear them making that creepy noise they do in the canal right behind me.


Aren't they purty?_mg_6331-edit

This shot, I was right at the edge of the canal so Kal and Brendan were my gator lookouts.  Those big plants are sugar cane._mg_6357-edit_mg_6368-edit_mg_6425-edit

Thanks you guys!  I had so much fun doing this with you.