Back to School with Matt & Rachael | Fort Lauderdale Wedding Photographer

I love shooting in completely new locations and just walking around and finding light and great angles and lines.  Sometimes I'll scout new spots ahead of time, but I really love going in without any specific ideas and just being in the moment with my peeps, the place and the light.  Matt and Rachael were inspi-rad  (ha ha, I'm a dork).  Seriously though, they were so relaxed in front of the camera that they made it way too easy for me.  We started downtown in Fort Lauderdale and then finished at Nova High School where they met.  Isn't that the sweetest thing?  High school sweethearts always make me feell all warm and gooey inside. :) I can't wait to shoot their November wedding in South Beach!  I was so honored that they picked me to be their photographer.  Matt works in advertising in New York and sees portfolios from photographers all the time, so I was really happy that they loved my style.   Thanks guys!  I had an absolute blast with you both.

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