Man vs. Wild - Jupiter Family Photographer

Do any of you watch that show on the Discovery Channel?  Hubby and I love it.  Anyway, last Saturday hubby and I decided to head out to do our version of Man vs. Wild and brough Tookie and a couple of dogs along.  Ok, not really, but I needed a title for this post :)  We went out to Corbett Wildlife Management Area and spent a nice afternoon walking around with Tookie and two of our dogs.  The light was pretty flat, but the weather was nice and cool, so it was a great day for some outdoor time.  And of course I took way too many photos.  Here's just a few:

Eyes that make you melt

Looking for fish

Seeing double

Chubby feet

A little nose picker

A boy and his dog

In the great wide open

Everglades Sunset