family outing

Fishing at Juno Pier

Last Sunday we headed to the pier to try and catch Tookie a fish.  We didn't catch any fish, but Tookie did get to chase some birds around.  He was running around like a maniac yelling "Fly, fly."  And they flew :)  Poor birds, I don't think they liked the Tookster much.    The fishing thing didn't go too well.  Since we didn't catch any fish, Tookie couldn't understand why we were attaching the shrimp to the end of the fly and throwing it over.  He kept getting mad and without any fish, it was hard to explain to him how the whole thing worked.  He wanted to throw the shrimp overboard with no line attached and kept chasing the birds with the fishing rod.  At least he got lots of energy out and maybe next time we'll get a fish for him.

Check it out, Tookie can walk on air!







These were all taken close to noon, which is generally a bad time for taking photos.  The light is directly overhead, so it's very harsh and unflattering, but sometimes fun stuff happens at noon too!  No reason to leave the camera behind just because the light isn't ideal.