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Carrie & Bobby Wedding Part 2 | South Florida Wedding Photographer

After a beautiful beach ceremony and a light brunch at their Jupiter Island condo, we headed out on a relaxing cruise up and down the Intercoastal Waterway.  Captain Kevin Kates of Yacht Concierge was at the helm and the party was on!  We were hoping for a glimpse of Alan Jackson hanging out on the Neon Rainbow or Tiger Woods practicing his golf swing in the backyard, but no such luck. After a couple of hours, we made our way down to Seasons 52, a really cool restaurant on the water in Palm Beach Gardens.   I put down my camera and enjoyed dinner and wine.  This is not something I normally do at a wedding, and I was so touched that you guys asked.  You made me feel like a guest throughout the day.  I love you all!  Kevin - thanks for being my dinner date ;) I was hoping to have the slideshow finished for this post, but it will have to come as Part 3 with the Day After photos we did.  .   I've been a busy bee!


Love this one of Bobby and Chris (bride's dad) ;)