jupiter inlet colony

Leah & Phil | Jupiter Island Wedding

Phil and Leah met when Leah decided to leave Florida to interview at a Boston law firm.  Phil interviewed Leah.  During the interview they felt an instant connection, but didn’t know where their roads would lead.  When Leah was hired by the firm, he made sure he transferred all of his cases to her so they could work together.  After working together for a few months, they started to realize how much they had in common.  But, still, they kept their relationship professional.  As luck would have it, Phil got a great opportunity to start practicing education law and he decided to leave his firm.  At his going away party, Leah and Phil knew their window of opportunity was quickly closing, so Phil asked Leah out on a date.  She said yes and, as he walked her to the train station in the wintry Boston cold, the two held hands.  Which brings us here. I love adore Leah and Phil.  They had a beautiful and intimate garden wedding at a private residence in the Jupiter Inlet Colony on Jupiter Island.  It was sweet, personal, small and lovely.  They had planned to have the ceremony in the backyard, but a big ugly barge in the inlet intervened and the ceremony was moved to the front garden.  Every wedding has something go wrong that's really a blessing in disguise and this was theirs.  The couple that own the home, Tracy and Alfredo, have the most charming garden that was perfect for this special day.

Ken Rose Catering:  http://www.ken-rose.com/

Make-up by Jennifer Cruz: http://njestudios.com/makeup-artistry

Hair by Total Image: http://www.tisalon.com/

Dress by Jenny Yoo: http://www.jennyyoo.com; with lots of alterations and assistance from Bacio Bridal: http://www.baciobacio.com/