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Jill & Brett Are Engaged | South Florida Wedding Photographer

Jill & Brett's engagement session almost didn't happen because of . . .  well, you know, rain.   But that's South Florida in the summer for you.  So we brought umbrellas, found some cover, and worked it out!  And we laughed and laughed.  I should record these sessions, because some of these conversation are too funny not to share!  Thank you guys for being awesome, gorgeous and funny!  I am one lucky girl.  Seriously. Best. Clients. Ever. And peeps, leave some comments!  25 comments = 5x7 for Jill & Brett on me; 50 comments = 8x10.



Thank you random surfer guys for humoring me!  I couldn't resist the symmetry when I saw them standing like this._MG_7801-Edit_MG_7810-Edit_MG_7844-Edit_MG_7861-Edit



Here's where we got officially reprimanded by the Jupiter Police Department.  I think they thought it was unsafe.  I have to admit, I felt a little proud.  Yes, I'm a dork like that ;)_MG_8144-Edit

Magic Light | Jupiter Florida Photographer

There are places where the light has a magical quality that cannot be described.   And for me, finding one of these places is like letting a two year-old loose in Toys 'r" Us for the first time.  Feelings of giddiness, awe, excitement - it's like being let in on some special secret.   I often wonder what the people behind me think when I slam on my brakes because I've spotted one of these magical places out of the corner of my eye as I'm speeding down the road.   This empty lot is just down the street from my house and I've tucked it away before as a potential location for a session but yesterday when we drove by there was something so amazing in the warmth.  Maybe tomorrow it will go back to being just a cool spot for a session, but yesterday, it was magic.

magic light

(more photos to come in another post)

Joyce, Tony, Summer & Jasper | Jupiter Family Photographer

This session almost didn't happen because of the windy & stormy weather, but I'm sure glad we waited for a completely gorgeous morning.   Joyce & Tony have absolutely beautiful and charming children and we had so much fun playing around on the beach and walking the dunes.  Jasper wasn't too sure about the beach at first but he warmed up to it pretty quick.  Summer loved collecting shells and giving them to her brother to throw in the water.  They were fun, friendly and completely comfortable in front of the camera.  My kind of session!  Thanks so much for hanging out with me guys.  Enjoy your sneak peek! And as promised, 25 comments gets you a 5x7 of your choice on me; 50 comments gets you an 8x10!

(got the awesome idea for this from the fabulous Amy Boring, who's an amazing photographer in Southern California)


And I always love to get one of just mom & dad. _mg_1703-edit

SoFly Photography Meetup | Palm Beach Photographer

I'm a member of this really cool group of female South Florida photographers called SoFly. We get together once a month to shoot and this past week was actually our first meetup! I created a slideshow of some of the images we createed. The show was created using David Jay’s ShowIt Web. Ladies, I had a blast and it was so interesting watching everyone’s different approach to posing and shooting. I learned so much from all of you and can’t wait to do it again. I gotta do better splitting my time between all the couples next time. Somehow I only ended up with a couple of shots of Rebekah & Mike, which I am really mad at myself about. All of your images are fabulous and I’m jealous I don’t have more shots of them for my portfolio. Also, I’m working on a line for a junkyard for a future meetup since I know we were all excited by that idea. I’ll keep you all posted on that. I also want to thank our models: Adam & Diana, DC & Vanessa and Rebekah & Mike. All of you looked great and were so comfortable in front of the camera, it made it almost effortless to get great shots of you. I want to offer each of you an 8×10 of your favorite shot of mine. SoFly ladies, feel free to comment if you would like to do the same.

And here's a selection of my shots a little larger _mg_1730-edit_mg_1742-dippy_mg_1780-edit_mg_1802-edit_mg_1824-edit_mg_1831-edit_mg_1842-edit_mg_1874-edit_mg_1948-edit_mg_1960-edit_mg_1972-edit_mg_1989-edit_mg_1996-edit