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Leftover's Wedding | Mary + George | Jensen Beach

There may not be enough awesome, amazing, incredible superlative words to describe how I feel about Mary and George and their wedding.  Tranboni 2011 certainly lived up to the hype.  These two are some of the warmest, funniest people you'll ever meet.    Plus George is a manager at the best restaurant in town, Leftover's, so the food was EPIC.  Seriously even if you don't live in Jupiter (or Florida), put it on your bucket list to eat at Leftover's.  It's that good.  Oh and they had a beer truck - guests were seen drinking tasty brew's out of frosted mugs during the ceremony. But I have to give a huge thanks to Jessica Lorren, who introduced me to George and referred me this wedding when she was booked.  Then when her wedding got cancelled, she came and shot with me.  I love this girl with all my heart and working together is a dream come true.  It's amazing how well our completely different styles go together.  Jess - seriously I can't thank you enough!  Here's to shooting many more weddings together.

Mary and George, it was our great privilege to document this day for you.  Love you both!

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