Magic Light | Jupiter Florida Photographer

There are places where the light has a magical quality that cannot be described.   And for me, finding one of these places is like letting a two year-old loose in Toys 'r" Us for the first time.  Feelings of giddiness, awe, excitement - it's like being let in on some special secret.   I often wonder what the people behind me think when I slam on my brakes because I've spotted one of these magical places out of the corner of my eye as I'm speeding down the road.   This empty lot is just down the street from my house and I've tucked it away before as a potential location for a session but yesterday when we drove by there was something so amazing in the warmth.  Maybe tomorrow it will go back to being just a cool spot for a session, but yesterday, it was magic.

magic light

(more photos to come in another post)