no more diapers

A (no more) Diaper Story

I've committed to blogging everyday this month, so get ready to see a lot more of Tookie. We just reached a major milestone in toddlerhood because, tada, Tookie is completely potty trained. That's right, NO MORE DIAPERS! I feel like I should bust open a bottle of champagne. He's been using the big boy potty since last October, but at night he was still in diapers. For about the last week though, I noticed that his diaper was dry in the mornings, so I went for it! He's doing so so great with it! I'm so proud of him, but as happy I am not to be buying or changing diapers, it is a little bittersweet. He's growing up on me. *sniff, sniff* _mg_0779-edit-copy