outer banks wedding

Manteo, North Carolina Wedding | Film!

It's amazing what can happen from one little tweet.  Early last summer I tweeted some locations that were on my "places to shoot a wedding" bucket list . . . Prague, Ireland, India, Hawaii, and a few others, one of which was the Outer Banks.  I've had a minor obsession with the place for a long time now and had never been.  My friend Gabe saw my tweet and asked if I wanted to join him to shoot a wedding in the Outer Banks.  Let.Me.Get.This.Straight.  You are asking me to come shoot a wedding with a mega talented photographer, who shoots film, in the Outer Banks!?  Obviously I went.  And I knew it would be awesome. What I didn't realize was that it would turn my world on it's side.  Who knew shooting film would change the way I feel about photography so much.  Honestly, I wanted to do it, just to see if I could. But every once in a while, you have that feeling in your gut when you know something is just right, and that can't be ignored.  Film feels right.  I cried when Gabe sent me my scans.  I was so terrified that none of them would come out, that I would embarrass myself in front of someone I have a lot of respect for.  Even worse, that I would let myself down.  But I loved them oh so much.  Since then I've been shooting more and more film at each wedding and session.  I cannot wait to share them.

For now, enjoy this gorgeous wedding in Manteo (pronounced Manny-yo) that I had the pleasure to assist Gabe Aceves on.  Thank you Gabe and Sarah from the bottom of my heart.  I had such a great time with you both.

Shot on the Hasselblad 500cm and Canon EOS 3 on Fuji 400H, Portra 800, Tri-x 400 and Ilford Delta 3200.

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