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Wasps, Peacocks & Gators, Oh My | South Florida Photographer

I got together with Kalia & Brendan for a couples session recently and it was awesome!  They are also photographers, which is always fun and I feel more comfortable experimenting.   Some of the experiments turned out and some didn't.  We played with some light painting techniques that didn't go exactly like I expected.   I may post one or two separately later.  For now, checkout the fun we had!

First we tried to go canoeing.


Then we tried to take some photos ;)


This shot is something I've seen several other people do (of course now that I was looking for the links I can't find them) and wanted to try it for myself.  Seemed fitting for them._mg_6127-edit

Did a little (or a lott-a) laughing


Then we fought off a wasp on this old school bus.  And by we, I mean I ran off the bus in fear while Brendon smashed it with his bare hand . . . 3 times!  The third time it finally died.  The first two, it was just really pissed off.



A little school bus flashback ;)_mg_6206-edit_mg_6218-edit_mg_6230-edit

Kal tried to pose with a peacock, but he wasn't too cooperative.


Then we hung out in a really cool, but gator infested field.  I could hear them making that creepy noise they do in the canal right behind me.


Aren't they purty?_mg_6331-edit

This shot, I was right at the edge of the canal so Kal and Brendan were my gator lookouts.  Those big plants are sugar cane._mg_6357-edit_mg_6368-edit_mg_6425-edit

Thanks you guys!  I had so much fun doing this with you.