south island new zealand

New Zealand

This summer I had the amazing opportunity to shoot a wedding on the south island of New Zealand.  I can't quite share the wedding images yet, but my good friend Jess and I spent another week exploring the south island, Auckland and Wellington.  It's one of the most incredible places I've ever visited.  It was really high on my bucket list before this trip and it's staying on there.  I think you need at least a month to properly see everything.  We did get to visit Milford Sound for one night and took a cruise through this incredible fjord.  Then we drove up the west coast of the south island from Queenstown all the way up to Picton, where we took a ferry over to Wellington.  This drive had to be in the top 5 drives in the world.  The scenery we saw was like seeing Alaska, Colorado, California, Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest and Ireland all rolled into one.  These photos don't come even close to doing it justice.  If you're planning a trip there, feel free to hit up my Formspring with questions.

All images were shot with my Hasselblad 500cm or Zeiss Ikon rangefinder and developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.

Jessica Lorren and her love in New Zealand

These two people are incredibly important to me and I'm so thankful they were able to join me in New Zealand (more on the incredible wedding I shot there later).    I'm even more thankful that they let me take some "tiny people" shots of them.  If ever there was a place created for "tiny people" shots, New Zealand is it.  I love you Jess and Dave!

Shot on my Hasselblad 500 cm (except the last one which was taken on Jess' Contax) with a variety of films: Portra 800, Ektar 100, Fuji 400h and Portra 160; developed and scanned by Richard Photo Lab.