summer 2011

Summer in Wisconsin

Deciding to get out of the Florida heat this past summer, we rented a house in Northern Wisconsin.  If I'm honest, it wasn't everything I had expected.  Price County is beautiful, but most of the people are not very welcoming to outsiders.  If you've ever seen the movie Funny Farm with Chevy Chase, it was a lot like that. I promised myself that I would shoot all of my personal photos on film this summer and I kept to that promise.  The Hasselblad is certainly a challenge and so different from shooting 35 mm, film or digital.  The process really made me slow down and approach photography much differently.  It's always good to push yourself and do something completely out of your comfort zone.   I think the 35 mm format is much better suited to the way I shoot, but I do love the results I've gotten from the Hassy.

And since I've gotten some requests, I'm making some of my Hasselblad prints available for purchase.  I've also included some favorites from my time in Memphis and Mississippi and will be adding more to this gallery as time goes on.

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