What I am thankful for

I have so much to be thankful for (hello amazing clients!) but the very top of the list are my babies and my husband.  They've been so neglected by my camera this year, I thought it was time they made an appearance here.  These are just some snaps from last month when we went to Disney World for Tookie's 4th birthday and then some from a SoFly playdate. Happy Thanksgiving!


SoFly Photo-a-Day: Tookie's Posing Class

As some of you know, I'm part of this amazing group of female photographers called SoFly and we get together once a month to shoot, talk business and support each.  It is truly a blessing and I feel so honored to be a part of it.  This month, Beka (our fearless leader) challenged us to take a photo a day and post it to our blogs.  I've done this before with Tookie's Photo a Day, but have been slacking on taking photos of him the last few months.  So this challenge is a great way to get back into the swing of things.  And bonus, he's actually willing to pose for the camera now! Now here comes the begging part - if you visit, leave a comment (pretty please).   I have the chance to win a gift card to either B&H or Anthro if I get the most comments!  Plus Tookie will be heartbroken if you visit and don't leave a comment ;)

SoFly Photo-a-Day

Tookie Gets a Haircut + a few snapshots

I've really been slacking on taking and posting photos of my son.  Here's a few I've taken in the last couple of weeks, including a little series from his recent haircut.  I can't believe how much he's changing these days.  He can now do a puzzle all by himself, dress and undress by himself, clean windows, put away his own toys and so many more wonderful little things.  He's really into hugs and kisses, tells us he's happy, prays at bedtime, makes up imaginary friends (including a big shark) and stories, loves Krtek (a czech cartoon character) and is not bothered by mosquito bites at all.   And when he gets in trouble, he runs around calling for Gdo (my dad) to help him.  We are so truly blessed to have him as a son.  He makes me giddy with happiness. _mg_5955-edit-copy

Watching crazy uncle Frankie get his haircut.  Not too sure about it!_mg_6462-edit-2-copy

The barber gave him a toy airplane to play with.  Now we're happy :)


He sat on my lap for the haircut so I didn't get any shots of it in progress, but here's one after.   A very reluctant Tookie!  We bribed him with the toy airplane and a lollipop._mg_6479-edit-copy


And what do you know, he asked for me to take his photo this morning and even posed for me._mg_6516-edit-copy