what I am thankful for

I am thankful

This year I am thankful for so many things, it's difficult to put them all into words. I am thankful for a God that gives me grace and hope even during my most trying times. I know He loves me even when I act selfish and unkind and that gives me so much strength and peace. I am thankful for my husband and his unconditional support and love. He is truly my best friend and I could not ask for a better father to my son (soon to be sons! eek). His unconditional support is such a huge reason why I am able to do what I do. I love watching him interact with our son. They have so much fun together and all that love makes me feel so gooey inside.

I am thankful for Tookie. I cannot imagine how the world functioned without him in it. He gives me so much light and joy. Hearing him laugh is the absolute best sound in the world and I feel so special to be his mommy. He is truly a blessing and I am so proud of my little boy.

I am thankful to be blessed with another baby boy. Tookie will be such an awesome brother and I love that I will be surrounded by boys.

I am thankful for my family, who have always supported me. Baba and Gdo (he he, don't you love the names kids come up with) and Papa, my sister and her husband, who are going to make me an aunt soon and everyone else in this crazy family of ours. I love you all!

I am thankful for all of you who are reading this. My past, current and future clients who allow me the honor to document your love, your special moments, those you are thankful for. I love you all and I hope you're having the best day with your loved ones.

I am thankful for my Sofly girls! What an amazing group to be a part of. Incredible women, incredible photographers. Thank you all!