Tylden is here!

My second little boy, Tylden, was born on March 25 weighing in at 8 lbs 6 ozs.  It was truly an amazing day and I was so blessed to have my friend and madly talented photographer, Courtney Ortiz, at the hospital to capture it for us.  I had a scheduled c-section (doctor's orders) and at the last minute my parents got stuck in Colorado because of a snowstorm, so Courtney not only photographed everything, but she also watched Tylden's big brother Tookie in the hospital for us while I was in surgery.  She's posted some amazing photos of Tookie on her blog from the hospital (more to come!).  They make me ridiculously happy and I am so so grateful to have her as a friend. Recovery has been so much easier the second time around and although I'm still sore and tired, I feel surprisingly good for having surgery less than a week ago.  And Tylden has been such a good baby, sleeping like a champ at night and generally being such a happy little guy.  I love having two boys.  Tookie is absolutely in love with his baby brother and calls him "Baby Ty".  Here's a few photo of Baby Ty I took at home yesterday.