Visiting Carter | Jupiter Photographer

While I was on vacation in Colorado last month, I met up with 2 of my closest friends and their adorable, almost-one year old son.  Mike & Meghan - it was so awesome to see you both.  I miss you guys and can't wait to see you soon in the keys!  I had a blast, the sushi was amazing, and it was so so cool to get to ski with you, Mike.  Good times . . . . almost like the old days.  Well except that I'm old(er) and out of shape so I was extremely sore on the flight back.  But that one day of powder was so worth it!  I'll post the ski photos and the video my dad took soon.   Ok, enough of my babbling and onto the photos :)

Tookie and Carter had fun playing too - even though Tookie was trying to hog the train.


I used this same plate last year for his newborn shots.  He liked it a little better this time around!


I missed the focus on this one (hey it happens with fast moving objects :) ), but I adore the light._mg_0542-edit

The gorgeous hardwood floors throughout the house are Mike's work.


How cute is that smile?_mg_0581-edit

Their house has the most amazing bathrooms (well, amazing everything, but especially this tub!)_mg_0591-edit_mg_0592-edit_mg_0600-edit_mg_0605-edit_mg_0613-edit

And since it's past midnight, today is my sister's birthday.  Happy Birthday!  Your post will be up tomorrow night :)