More from Babette's session in Palm Beach

We got so many I love . . . so hard to decide which ones to edit and share :)  Thanks for all of your lovely comments on my previous post!

Doesn't she look uber-French in this one?

Babette Brown with Belisi Luxury Handbag

B - your eyes are amazing!

Babette Brown

Babette Brown for Belisi

Babette Brown for Belisi

Babette Brown for Belisi

This next one is my favorite from the entire session.

Babette Brown for Belisi

Babette Brown for Belisi Fashions

Babette & Belisi take on Worth Avenue

Early yesterday morning, the gorgeous Babette Brown and I headed to Palm Beach and the famous Worth Avenue for our 3rd session together.  We took along some fabulous Belisi handbags.  I think the location suits Babette and Belisi perfectly.  These brand new bags from up and coming designer Peter Belisi are the must-have luxury handbags this season. This is definitely my favorite session with Babette so far and I can't wait to do it again.  Here's a few teasers.  I'll definitely be posting more later this week.  Thanks Babette for being amazing!  My camera loves you :)

Babette Brown in Downtown West Palm Beach

Babette Brown with Belisi Luxury Handbag

Babette Brown with Belisi Luxury Handbag

Babette Brown with Belisi Luxury Handbag

Babette Brown with Belisi Luxury Handbag

One Saturday Morning

The sunrise was really amazing last Saturday, so as soon as I looked out the window and saw it, I got Tookie dressed and we headed out to the beach.  I thought I'd get some great shots of him on the beach in front of the lit up sky, but Mr. Boy had other ideas and screamed the entire time we were on the beach.  So I had to settle for just the sunrise - those rays were just too cool not to take a picture.

Jupiter Sunrise

Finally at 8, our favorite breakfast place opened and Tookie dug into his pancakes ("cakes") and bacon.  I was happy to get a seat in the back by the big windows.  I think they're used to me bringing my camera in by now :)

Pancake Breakfast at Loggerhead Cafe

After breakfast we walked across the street to the park so little man could slide and climb to his heart's content.  He even cheered on a girls T-Ball game!

Playground Fun

Finally we headed to the pier for some more photo opps for mommy, and bird watching for Tookie.

Bird Watching

He called this one a duck and quacked at it.  Quacking is a new favorite.  Poor pelican didn't know what to make of him.

Mr. Pelican

Of course, more climbing was a must!


And what's more fun than chasing birds yelling "Tweet, tweet"


Chasing Birds

Chasing Birds