A Look Back at 2012

2012 was a year of travel, a year of inspiration, a year of fine tuning my voice, a year of finding that my voice is clearest when it talks in a square.  I'm proud of what I've accomplished, but also very humbled by how far I have to go.  I'm thankful for every single client that trusted me to document your 2012 memories; for letting me in to your world, for letting me feel the love and warmth of your family and friends.   Most importantly, I'm thankful for my husband and my kids; they have sacrificed a lot to let me do what I love.

(A few images above were taken while shooting with Jessica Lorren, Laura Leslie, Kyle Hepp and Sergio Mottola - thank you all for the opportunity!)

All images were shot on film and developed and scanned by the amazing people at Richard Photo Lab.


What I am thankful for

I have so much to be thankful for (hello amazing clients!) but the very top of the list are my babies and my husband.  They've been so neglected by my camera this year, I thought it was time they made an appearance here.  These are just some snaps from last month when we went to Disney World for Tookie's 4th birthday and then some from a SoFly playdate. Happy Thanksgiving!


Breakfast at Jessica's

I always get a little nervous shooting other photographers, and especially one as fantastic as Jess.  I love this girl to pieces and these are her bestest friends.  True friendship is so rare an I love that Jess wanted to capture this time with her girlfriends. (psst, I managed to sneak a pic of Tylden in there :))